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REVIEW ~THE FORTUNE TELLER'S SECRET by Ron D. Voigts - Book 2 "A Cavendish Brown Paranormal Mystery"



“Whaja think I should wear for Halloween? Tattle holds up a ghost costume, a mummy costume, and a Witch’s hat.

Wrye decides to stay clear of anything suggesting Tattle might be a witch. “How about ghost? Then you can go boo-gie.”

“Ha-ha! But what about the mummy?”

“You’re not wrapped up thigh enough. Brrrhahahaha!” Wrye laughed at his joke.

She wrinkled her nose at him then put on the witch’s hat. “How about….”

Wrye tossed the hat aside, again refusing the bait of calling her witchy. Instead he escorted her into a Love of Literature Leap.

Wrye Balderdash and Cavendish Brown exchanged hi five, low five, and a chest bump. 
Good to see you again. That last paranormal adventure in THE WITCH’S DAUGHTER was harrowing.” Wyre does the two finger eye point. “You almost had this ole man wetting his pants.”

Cavendish raked fingers through his hair, “That was a boo-licious treat, glad to have shared it.”

“Hey, I’m the jokester ‘round here!”

Tattle kisses Cavendish on the cheek. “Actually, that would be moi. See you in cyberspace.”

With a wink, the two vanish in their Love of Literature Leap Review and appear in THE FORTUNE TELLER'S SECRET by Ron D. Voigts - Book 2 "A Cavendish Brown Paranormal Mystery"

After he felt Tattle’s kiss, Cavendish awakened and realized he was dreaming. “Who were those two strange specters?”

Tattle smacked Wrye on the arm, playfully. “He thought we were specters. Tee hee.”

“He called us strange. What a great compliment. I like this character.”

“Cavendish is not your typical hero, but he is A…A…Adorable! And always gets caught in the odd and bizarre. I’d have it no other way. His imperfections are what makes him so perfect.”

“You have a crush!”

Tattle’s thumb and forefinger nearly met. “Maybe just a little, but I am always impartial in my reviews. I fully got caught up in the story not just cause Cavendish is a dimensional, complex character but because the author nabs your attention immediately. I mean, a female ghost appears to him, he tackles a cold case file, there’s a dead man on the Ferris Wheel, and a teenager plotting to bomb the carnival. Ooooheeeee!

“That’s not all of it,” Wrye concluded. “Don’t forget how he and local sheriff, Clinton Pike, can’t agree on anything. Plus, there is the appearance of The Angel of Death, a Fortune Teller’s skills predict Cavendish’s life is at stake.” Wrye pretended to kick an imaginary bucket. “And away he goes.”

“He’s going nowhere, you bucket kicker, you!  He has the help of Jane, a psychic, and Alex, a Goth witch!”

“The paranormal layers the storyline with a different twist. Ron D. Voigts executes every phrase of the plot with a grab-em-hard and don’t let go attitude. There is never a glitch, or hang-up. Just one mystery after another, that you, the reader, must uncover and unravel. However, not a single hint gives you an idea to the conclusion. You just have to read and read and read. Another winner! This book is another winner!”

“For me, it’s not just the brilliance of the overall story, it is the individual characters. They aren’t puppets dancing to the author’s pen strokes, more storytellers expecting the author to write their personal narratives. I find myself expecting Alex to walk around the corner with a wink or Marbella Wellingway, newspaper owner, to offer me a deadline. Every minute detail is exposed in every character, while the plot continually demands one’s attention. As always Ron D. Voigts gave us an unforgettable story needs to be read more than once.  You won’t be disappointed. Excellent work!”

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