Friday, October 13, 2017


INTERVIEW: by our alter egos ~
Dona Penza Tattle, Esq.
Wrye Balderdash

The duet appears suddenly and startle Courtney Shepard author of UNBALANCED.

T: Tada! Ooooh, you have cookies. (Helps herself) Yum!

W: Hey, save me some. (Notices Courtney’s stunned expression) Oh, let me introduce ourselves. The cookie muncher is my partner-in-literary sleuthing, Dona Penza Tattle, and I am Wrye Balderdash, extraordinaire! (Offers an elaborate bow)

T and W: We are here to interview you. (Echoes are elaborated)

C: Well, thank you. It’s an honour. I’ve heard such wonderful things about you two. I’m very excited.

T: It is a pleasure to be here, and well, sorry we ate all the cookies. (Blushes) However, now down to the interview! (Tattle and Wrye do a tag-team high five and he takes the first question)

W: Of the four sisters, who would you like to be?  Who are you most like, errr, of course without the powers? Unless, of course, you are hiding something from us… (Wrye wiggles brows)

C: Ha ha. I wish. That’s a great question. Of all the sisters I would probably like to be Avia most. Her poise and control are definitely goal-worthy. But in reality, I think I’m closer to Asha.

T: (Looks serious) Since Asha’s power is fire, is she safe to be around? I mean, one wrong word and she can, well, like, smoke ya.  Or is she pretty even-tempered?

C: Oh no, she’s an active bomb, and she’s ticking. Asha has extraordinary control over her power, but she also has a bad temper and a penchant for violence.  If she gives you a suspicious look, I would run.  

W: What she is trying to say, is what type of personality does Asha have?

C: Asha is a warrior. At her core she is tormented, but she’s seeking redemption and justice. Raised quite differently than her sisters, Asha was trained in combat and fought as a young mercenary. She’s always fighting someone or for some cause. Her latest cause is her sisters and their survival. She will protect them as long as she lives.

T: If Ivy could only keep one of her powers, say healing over calling upon rock and foliage to help her in battle, which would she choose and why? (Does a two-step cause she is so proud of her ingenious question)

C: Great moves. (bows head in respect) As long as her sisters are in danger Ivy would choose the power to heal. Her protective instincts are ruthless, and with her earth fighting power she destroys without regret. But Ivy would choose what they need the most, what only she can do, and that’s healing.

W: Once Avia creates a tornado, can she control its path? (Does a twirling motion with his finger)

C: (laughs) Yes, Avia can control tornadoes.  She uses her finger or just directs it with her mind. But tornadoes are not all she has in her arsenal. Her childhood horse was named Zeus. 

Can you guess what else she can do?

Yes, she can also call and control lightning.

T: Mere can create ice shields and manipulate water, but can she also calm it down? More importantly, can she provide ice for my tea?

W: (Groans) You can ignore the question about tea.

T: No, she can’t. That’s important. While we are reviewing the book, my tea could get warm. Would be nice to just ask Mere to cool it off.

W: Ummm, you know, the characters aren’t real?

T: Are too! Aren’t they Courtney?

C: (smiles) Ha ha. You guys are awesome. Asha and Clay will be disappointed you don’t remember them from your previous interview with them. (chuckles).

And yes, of course Mere would cool your tea. Though she was constantly warned about wasting her power on things like filling bathtubs or chilling tea, Mere doesn’t really listen to warnings. She’d be down to help you in any way you need. She can calm water and stir it up, freeze it or heat it to steam. She can even manipulate and control water in the air or in a person’s body. 

T: Oh… um… I remember! He forgot. It’s a senior thing, y’know. I’m much, much, much younger. (Avoids looking at Wyre in the eye)

W: (Mouths) Younger? (Aloud) All the sisters are awesome! And the book is a blast to read.  Sooo looking forward to your next novel.

T&W: It was a great pleasure interviewing you. We appreciate your time.

C: Thank you so much for the opportunity. I really enjoyed meeting you.

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