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Tattle and Wrye leap into SWEET AURALIE by Ute Carbone. This Historical Romance is a full length novel of the Sweet Lenora series.

Anton Boudreaux, a young courageous sea captain, and his spirited wife, Lenora, set sail from San Francisco to Shanghai, hoping to find a lost child. Though Anton is reluctant to take Lenora on such a long, perilous journey, Lenora will not be denied. Just as he begins to accept the situation, she confides something that puts her in even more jeopardy. It doesn’t help that Lily Harmon, the villainous harlot who had nearly sent Lenora to the gallows in the previous book, appears as a stowaway.

Lily does her best to upset Anton and Lenora’s marriage, as well as cause endless turmoil. Meanwhile, Lenora must contend with her conniving relatives who try to thwart them at every twist and turn. The entire trip is saturated with intrigue, treachery and peril. It is followed by Lenora tending a wounded Anton, caring for her children while taking on unexpected male-oriented responsibilities. 

Throughout this historical saga, Anton and Lenora must survive murder plots and thievery. Will their love survive?  Will Anton achieve his dreams of proving himself? Will a new ship, built for speed and breaking records, be their salvation or their curse?

“In the tradition of epic historical sagas, SWEET AURALIE stands out as one to be remembered,” Tattle gives it a thumbs up and attempts a high five with Wyre. They both miss. Settling herself into the Captain’s chair, she continues, “It has a steady tempo that keeps the pages turning and a succulent plot that often provides an unpredicted twist as well as an abundance of historical details that appear naturally without weighing down the storyline. Each character is well-drawn, and although Lenora has the grit and boldness of contemporary women, she adheres to the values and graciousness of the book’s era. You find yourself fascinated by the secondary characters as well.  Mrs. Jiao, the ship’s cook, warms the background and adds authentic flavor while Lily is a conniver you adore hating. Though this can well be a standalone book, since enough background is provided even if you never read the series’ novellas, give yourself a treat and read them all. They are well-worth it.”

Wrye, still puffing from his high-five exertion, says, “Ute Carbone is indeed a gifted storyteller. I loved the rich historical fabric of the story, the Asian accents as well as the detailed nautical elements. Mostly, even though this book starts out with the main characters already married, I was fascinated by the pull and tug of the love story as they struggle against treachery and life’s unexpected hazards.  The realism is fresh and rare among romances in that it engages the romance after the characters have fallen in love. The relationship evolves as they play off each other, compromise, sacrifice, and bond. This isn’t just a story with an intriguing and splendid storyline but an emotional portrayal of a couple’s journey. This book satisfies on every level and is destined to be read again and again!” Wrye thinks, there goes my macho image….


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