Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Inspiration Is Where You Find It...

For some strange reason, I often seem to find my best story lines or scenes while cutting the lawn. I guess it's the mindless repetitive action that frees the brain to work on higher things.

The last time I mowed, I was introduced to a pirate.

I knew that in my third book in the Knights of Kilbourne series, tentatively titled Enchanted Knight, I wanted one of the adversaries for Morgan and Marissa to be a band of pirates. Just because pirates. It's rather like the old Jim Henson theory on the Muppets--when you're not sure what else to do, toss penguins in the air. In my case, I ring in pirates.

But I really didn't know anything about these pirates, or how they were going to work into the story.

And suddenly, that evening as I mowed, I met Tobias Albert Fanshawe, gentleman pirate. Late of His Majesty's Navy, Toby was cashiered (he hasn't revealed why yet, but I'm sure he'll tell me eventually). And once I had his name, I found I knew a lot about him. Such as the fact that his ship, The Mad Maudie, is shipshape in that it's shaped like a ship, but that's about it. And the fact that while he's down with looting and pillaging, any of his crew caught mistreating female captives is subject to some pretty dire consequences (keelhauling and walking the plank over shark-infested waters are the mild versions...)

I also learned that, though his crew consider him "mad as a pack of weasels at the bottom of the rum barrel," they'll follow his lead, because he's also extremely lucky. Or, as his first mate, Mr. Sharkey, puts it, "I've seen you dice with the Devil himself, and come home in the morning with his trousers."

And finally, I learned that Toby wants... well, I know what he wants, but I can't let that cat out of the bag quite yet. Gotta save something for the book, eh?

So if you're stuck for inspiration, I suggest you get out there and cut the lawn. Or, better yet, you can come cut mine. Cause I really want to get busy writing this scene with the pirates...