Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Writing for Kindle Worlds

Blog for May 30, 2017
Writing for Kindle Worlds
Well, let me share this with y’all. Been quite a ride this past few weeks learning about the process of writing a book for Kindle Worlds. Whether you receive an invite or just decided to write a story for the series of your choosing, you will need to conforms to the rules laid out for that particular series. In my case, The Omega Team series by the incomparable Desire Holt was the one I was happily and honored to receive an invitation to write for: OmegaTeam by Desiree Holt
You will next need to create your own or order a professional cover from an artist of your choosing. I was lucky enough to have Kelly Ann Martin agree to come onboard!
Then, your manuscript needs to be professionally edited. My book needed to be totally ready for a December release 2017, so for me I required six months to write and edit it to have it ready in plenty of time to keep the stress monkey off my back!
So, the good news is I’ve finished the prequel, RACING PERIL, for Kindle Worlds and am now involved in writing a full series, The Tetrad Group of stories for Totally Bound (first book: RACING the TIDE) that will tie the who idea together!
If anyone has questions, just ask! I learned a lot and found the experience quite exhilarating!
Here’s Kelly’s cover:

Wishing everyone a wonderful day!
Hugs, January Bain
Storyteller for Totally Bound Publishing