Wednesday, May 31, 2017

The Amazing Plot Generator

I keep coming across this ad on my Facebook feed:

And okay, it’s only $7. It “makes it easy to create compelling stories and perfect plots.” Awesome!
But there’s a problem underlying this ad. And the problem is, if you need a plot generator, I think you’re in the wrong line of work.

I’ve said this before—I’ve got more ideas for stories than I know what to do with. While it’s true they may not all be “plotted out” from beginning to end, that’s not the way I work anyway. I take an initial idea, get that down on paper as an inciting incident or scene, and let my characters go from there.

To me, the Amazing Novel Plot Generator is that annoying guy who’s always coming over to you and saying “I’ve got this great idea for a story—I just need someone to write it down for me.” Because the great idea for a story is the bloody easy part, mate. It’s the writing it down, and making it readable, and figuring out what happens next, and editing the damned thing, and polishing it, and then cutting out all the extraneous crap, and filling in all the plot-holes, and ensuring the continuity of the story… That’s the hard part. That’s the part called WRITING.

Ok, rant completed. You may go now.

Keith W. Willis is a semi-professional word-wrangler with a fondness for flannel shirts. He thus is resigned to never appearing on a book cover. He lives in the upper Hudson Valley region of NY, where he's certain the sounds attributed to Captain Hudson's crew bowling are really just the dragons grumbling. Keith is fortunate to have a wonderful and loving wife who not only puts up with his writing but generally encourages it. When it doesn't get the way of their cut-throat Scrabble games, that is.

Keith is the author of the award-winning fantasy/romance Traitor Knight (Champagne Books). His newest work,Desperate Knight, which contains 50% more dragon, and no shirtless heroes, will be released in Summer 2017.