Sunday, April 9, 2017

The Book Store

The Book Store

Though I’ve done numerous book signings at conferences and talks, this was my first experience being ignored in a book store.

All right. Not completely ignored and I have pictures to prove it. But, it is still a daunting experience to sit alone at a table while strangers enter a store in a mall and pretend you aren’t sitting right there, even though you’ve just said hello to them.

Fortunately, a couple of friends showed up and bought books. And that seemed to trigger the activity because right afterward, a couple of strangers approached and chatted about the book, The Prince of Keegan Bay, and then purchased it. And so the day went. The store was happy with the sales and I was pleased as we left.
A note to all readers who enter book stores and see someone doing a signing. It is okay to say hello, to come chat, and even ask questions about the book on sale, or any other book in the store. We, the authors, are a nervous bunch and I promise you, we don’t do “hard selling.” Nobody is going to pressure you into buying a book you don’t want.

We get lonely when we sit there with no one to talk to. So next time you are in a book store and see a lonely author, go up and say hello. Pick up a bookmark, even if you don’t want to buy a book. It will make the author feel like someone cares.

We love you readers and really, really want your attention.

Oh, and if I can be a little pushy, if you love the book, a comment on Amazon or Goodreads is always appreciated.

Thank you and goodnight.