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Review of ~ TRAITOR KNIGHT by Keith W. Willis

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Tattle and Wrye warp into TRAITOR KNIGHT, a fantasy by Keith W. Willis

“The instant you meet Morgan McRobbie, Knight Commander of the King’s Legion aka. The Dark Knight… Da da da daaaaaaaaaaaaaa…,” Wrye expresses loudly. “You know he is going to be an interesting character.  Though heroic, he is certainly not your typical cookie cutter hero. He is the champion of the wars against the Rhuddlani invaders, and is more comfortable around a sword, or a dragon than a beautiful woman, which of course happens.”

“It is this dark-skinned half breed that comes to a beautiful damsel’s rescue. He is also the man everyone whispers had turned traitor against Kilbourne.  A cad?  A villain?  Not possible, is it? After all, he is so darn appealing.” Tattle fans herself and feigns a young girl’s swoon-sigh.  “Roguishly handsome, he also has a humorous bent, adopts an atypical attitude, with just the right amount of foibles.  You, also, can’t help but adore his very likable if somewhat show-off horse, Arnicus.”
“Upon reading, I started chuckling immediately.” Wrye offers his best deep-throated chuckle. “ It was inevitable considering the heroine stared at the about-to-be-toasted knight with disdain, while a terrifying dragon, who after a display of grandiose flames and fury, burps up a bit of steam and a few hiccups. Morgan didn’t defeat the dragon as much as the dragon appeared to be tired of the gambit.”

“Ah, but it is not all fun and games,”  Eyes narrowing suspiciously, Tattle studies the heroine.  “Though many suspected Morgan to be a traitorous knight to his King, finding this damsel-in-tenacity  alone in the woods, snack fare for the first dragon to be seen in three hundred years, one cannot help wondering if she, indeed is the real traitor. Of course, Morgan does wonder. Though she professes to be gathering flowers for her mistress Queen Gwyndoln, Marissa duBerry, lady-in-waiting is no shrinking daffodil.”

“And that is just the opening draw of this magnetic story. There is just the right blend of fun, sinister play and manners-all-soooo-proper-when-at-court dalliances. If anyone can remember swashbuckler Technicolor Errol Flynn pirate flicks, it has the some wonderful tendencies of dark drama, flippancy and fun.  The dialogue is clean. The writing style, in this book, is smooth and direct. The author is one of my favorites.”

“I can’t say enough about the talent oozing from the storyline. There is never any down time with the plot, it keeps rolling and picking up steam. Keith is a story-teller puppeteer, just pulling our strings as we dance to his magnificent prose. Through it all, you see Keith’s unique writing technique. It is not an imitation of the ole Masters yet it is still fantasy at its finest with that wonderful wash of enchantment that brings out the possibility that magic can happen. I have read all of Keith W. Willis’ work, and I do believe TRAITOR KNIGHT is now my favorite.  Hmmm, that is until he writes a new book, that new one might end up taking top spot. Each book gets better!”

Dona Penza Rutabaga Tattle, Esq. and Associate Wrye Balderdash
of Blather City, Wannachat


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