Thursday, January 5, 2017

The Writing Life

Just to give you some idea of what life is like as a writer, here is what I'm up to at the present time

I have the second book in a trilogy recently completed the editing process and now waiting release. The third book (and final?) is in the lineup for the editing process.

I have the eighth novella in the Housetrap Chronicles fantasy detective series, “Murder on the Disoriented Express,” just finishing the editing process and scheduled for release in March 2017. In the meanwhile, I have completed the first draft of volume nine in that same series. This manuscript now has to go through my beta reader, I make any changes, and send it off to my editor for a yay or nay in the next month or two.

While I’m waiting, I’ve started playing around with a potential space opera. It may turn into a novel. These days I’m mucking about with the opening chapters.

Then there is the promotion side of this business. I’ve done a few things over the last few months on different websites, now I have to wait until the royalty reports come out to see which were useful and should be repeated. On the personal appearance side, where I promote my books and sell a few print copies, I’m already registered for three shows (cons) for 2017. I’m also booked in to appear at When Words Collide in Calgary, and am speaking on a couple of panels there. In addition to contributing to the blog on the Writer’s Vineyard, I write a couple of other, more-or-less regular, essays.

I also do genre book reviews for an on-line magazine directed at libraries. Through this I read a lot of material I might not otherwise pick up. I also belong to a writer’s workshop and three writer’s organizations.

It’s a good thing I enjoy the writing process. This past summer I was ill and confined to the house for a couple of months. Without my writing, I would have gone stark raving mad. (madder?) Would I recommend the writing life? Definitely!


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