Saturday, November 12, 2016

When Research Frightens You

Like many authors, with certain books I spend numerous hours in the thralls of research. My son and I are writing a thriller and I have been researching the Tate Murders committed by members of the 'Manson Family'. This is difficult, agonizing and heartbreaking research that I have to take breaks from. I was alarmed to find out that there is a woman that maintains a facebook® page for Charles Manson.

As an author, this project made me reflect on some of the other research I have done. It's been everything from the procedure of an autopsy, firearms, prescription drug smuggling, Ouija boards and haunted buildings. And I guess everything in between. There have been times when I quickly click off a page and have to walk away from the project. Researching Voodoo practices was one of those times. I still haven't finished that project. I'm thrilled my newest release is a cozy mystery it was a fun distraction from some of my darker writing!

Authors, I would love to hear something interesting you have had to research. Please sound off.

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