Thursday, November 10, 2016

I Survived Another Comic Con

This must be the fourth year I’ve shared a book table at the local Comic Con. This year, with William Shatner in attendance, they figured attendance would easily surpass last year’s 48,000. It did.

I’m an optimist. Every year I hope I will at least break even. Sharing a table with someone who writes a similar style of book is a help. In this case I share with my Beta Reader who also has the advantage of being able to describe one of my books to a prospect as well, or better, than I can. She also splits the cost of the table.

It is those extra costs that add up. This year I came in the day before the con to set up. That means a hefty parking bill at the convention center but it is worth it for the unloading convenience. I talked my eldest granddaughter into working with us (well she did say she would work) and she usually comes in costume. This year she was Lieutenant Uhura, complete with a tribble. Of course, they both have to be fed.

Yes we had fun, spoke to other authors, some of whom we only see at cons. Talked to many eager beginning writers, and to the con regular attendee that wants to talk for an hour or two about many things. But he always buys a book. Sunday was tear-down after 6pm. Then exhaustion sets in.

Sales were down this year. Was it because the convention center has doubled in size and the number of exhibitors has too? Was it because the writers were scattered among the displays of craft jewelry and artists? Maybe next year we should lobby for an Author Alley. I tell myself it’s the exposure that matters and the ebook sales it might generate.

Anyway, I now have to think about a literary festival I’m attending next month, and must get to work on Housetrap #9, and I suspect I smell some editing in the air.

Bottom line, write because you enjoy writing. Everything else is a bonus.


The Dark Lady, Dark Days, Dark Knights (Volume 1,2,3)
The Queen’s Pawn, The Queen’s Man, The Queen’s Game (Volume 1,2,3)
The Housetrap Chronicles (Volumes 1 to 7) (# 8 being edited, # 9 being written)
Alex in Wanderland,
Knight’s Bridge
We’re Not in Kansas
Toltec Dawn