Sunday, November 27, 2016

Giving thanks for art

Due to the long holiday weekend, I'm cross-posting some thoughts inspired by my writing and living this past week, written for my own blog. You can read the full piece here: "Giving Thanks for Art."

Four days left in November, and writing (crafting, really) continues, mixed with some visual arts for a fundraiser for one of our local galleries.
As we rise to the occasions we are called to - protecting the vulnerable, protecting the Earth, spreading understanding, compassion, and love - our artistic imaginations will provide us with all the tools we need. We can show how those whom others seek to dehumanize are truly and fully human, worthy of respect.
I hope all of you who celebrated Thanksgiving found much to be grateful for - I know I did.
hand-decorated christmas stocking with wave pattern
One of the stockings I decorated for our gallery's fundraiser.