Monday, October 17, 2016


The Writers Vineyard is a group of authors who are published with Champagne Book Group (CBG). CBG has its own blog. For the Savvy Saturdays blog in October Kylee Howells organized, coordinated, and edited The Muse’s Revenge, a multi-author serial composed of three authors’ (J.S. Marlo, Jenna Greene, and Rita Bay) stand-alone stories, a prologue, and an epilogue. The story begins with a suspicious invitation to a workshop at a ramshackle resort and turns into a night of terror for the authors. Kylee wrote a killer epilogue pulling all three together at the end. Read the series, so far, here:

Freebies are a valuable marketing tool. A well-written short story, piece of flash fiction, or interesting post may attract new readers, especially when other authors who bring their own readers are participating. Caveat: if you’re writing somewhere other than your own blog, make sure the host gives you a permalink that will always take a reader to your piece, rather than the general webpage. Clicking the permalink on your webpage will take the reader to the story, even years after it is written. On the business side of publishing, authors should support their publishers' efforts at marketing. What better way to do that than to offer up a post or a story when asked?
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