Friday, October 14, 2016


A glimpse into our alter egos:


The two dashed dashed off and slipped into one of CBG's Burst Books, within the sci-fi world of Michael W. Davis' HOME WORLD. Tattled blinked back tears as she looked about the amazing story. "I miss Big Mike," she said with a sigh.

"As do I. He was a good man with an exceptional talent not just with words but he had a big heart, always generous with his time, always mentoring other authors and promoting their works, always writing for his readership." Wyre smiled softly in remembrance of the giving, caring man who left our world all too soon. "I believe, we get to visit with him through his writing."

Tattle's smile returned.  "Yes, in this way, he will always be with us."

Together, they fully merge into the story of HOME WORLD.

Wrye dove into the pages, revealing the bones of this excellent sci-fi thriller. "Derek Fagab and Marla Falco had covered each other's backs from childhood, where they barely managed to survive as Nulls, non-classed citizens, living on Home World.  They had squirmed their way out of this abused and dehumanized existence and served the oppressive dictators of Earthcom as warriors, Tier Five, of the Tellurian Entente.  In this Class system, it was difficult to rise to the next Tier and that would only happen if they even managed to survive."

"That would take becoming the best of their kind, winning skirmish after skirmish," Tattle winced at the slaughter. "Problem was to do that they had to destroy Nulls, to keep them improvised and corralled like beasts in an over-populated pen.  The morality of it disturbed Derek, for he was once a Null.  Plus, deep inside he knew the entire class system was wrong."

"Marla had less sympathy, believing an Null could brave their way out by being tough and being willing to take chances with their lives." Does a double nod at Marla's spunk and tenacity.  "She wanted to climb into a higher Tier and she wanted to do it with Derek.  For good amount of time, they were both field-mates and bedmates."  Wrye whistles with approval.

"Until, wanted something more than Marla.  He wanted a child, and found a woman, Yana, that wanted the same thing. Though Marla's and Derek's friendship remained strong on the battlefield despite her rising above him in rank, they had a personal rift." Pouting, Tattle doesn't reveal she was sympathetic and secretly wished they could heal that fissure.

"Till, Derek couldn't have a child unless he became a Tier Four, and he further ambitions to provide a good life for that child by rising to a Tier Three. Only, to do so, he had to survive an secret mission and that mission would take years.  Yana said she wouldn't wait those years."

Tattle continued, "At the same time, many believed that Earthcom was crumbling from the inside out.  Would it? And what about Marla, would the love and bond between her and Derek outlast his more sedate feelings for Yana? Would either of them survive the latest war to retrieve something mysterious that the Toppers of Tiers One and Two needed to survive?"

"Michael had a way of blending the best realistic futuristic technology reminiscent of Star Trek while the swift pacing and battle intensity was suggestive of Storm Troopers. However, unlike most action driven plotlines, HOME WORLD had a depth and humanity that would equal any dramatic saga. Sub-plots played throughout as an irresistible undercurrent, hinting at a stunning revelation that kept the pages turning."

"I've enjoyed everyone of Big Mike's books, and this one will not disappoint. If his name wasn't on the book, you would still know it was his work. He has a unique style of writing that mesmerizes, brings you right into the inner voice of the characters and the inner conflict of the plot.  And just when you think you are about to figure out the ah-ha moment, you discover you didn't and there is another ah-ha smacking you upside the head.  His talent with plot development, depth of character and realistic dialogue was remarkable. I enjoyed this book tremeduously, and recommend it needs a place on your cyber bookshelf!"

"Home World by Michael W. Davis is a winner.  Read it and don't plan on sleeping."

Dona Penza Rutabaga Tattle, Esq. and Associate Wrye Balderdash
of Blather City, Wannachat


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