Saturday, September 17, 2016

Things That Tick Me Off

Texting At Stop Lights:

I'm grateful the 'stop light texters' are not checking their phone while they are driving, but it ticks me off when the light turns green and we're all at a stand still behind said texter.

Printer Etiquette:

Can I get an AMEN. It's a two step process, 1.Open the drawer 2. Replace the PAPER
We also have a perforated paper, printer that spits out numerous reports, from numerous employees. It ticks me off when people tear their reports off and let the rest of the reports fall to the fall in a mess instead of placing them on the table provided. Really, it'll take you five seconds to place the rest of the reports on the table, instead of the five minutes it takes me to pick up and refold the jumbled mess from the floor.

Discount Store Cards:

Just give me the dang sale price.

People That Don't Say Thank You:

I was recently at a convention and shocked how many people didn't acknowledge or thank the employees working their butts off for them. I don't care if it's their job to fill your water glass or bag your groceries. Other people are providing a service for you, say thank you. Or Have manners become obsolete? Guess I missed that memo.

Yeah, yeah I know I've got a million things to be thankful for and this list is petty, but in my defense I experienced them all in a week. Come on, let it out, what ticks you off?

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