Sunday, September 4, 2016

Summer's End?

In my little corner of the world, Labor Day weekend represents the end of summer. Kids return to school, vacations end, and even adults feel the "back-to-school" pull, renewing interest in work, projects, busy-ness.

County fairs are in full swing, imbuing their otherwise rarely-used barns and arenas with the rich smells of horses, hay, cider pressings, and fried dough.

Early September helps us by bringing evening to our attention earlier and earlier. We notice that our after-dinner walks, which used to be taken in lingering daylight, now rush us through dusk. The afternoon sun no longer glares and the "heat of the day" lasts only an hour or so. The air softens.

We crave a hearty breakfast, and our thoughts turn to soup for supper.

Late summer/early fall in my state.
By the calendar, summer lasts another two or three weeks. In our inner rhythms, though, autumn harvests begin.

I'm a writer, so more hours of darkness help me resist the pull to be outdoors, to instead settle in front of the page. How about you? Do you live in a place where summer is ending, and does the back-to-school pull affect your work?

Elizabeth Fountain is the author of An Alien's Guide to World Domination, You, Jane, and too many unfinished works to count. She plans to fuel her writing this fall with lots of soup for supper. You can find more of her work on her website, here.


Rita Bay said...

Fall is my favorite time and this will be our second living in the mountains. On our native Gulf Coast, pools are fine well into October. This will be our first year we have time to attend all the fall festivals in the area and pick apples.

Liz Fountain said...

Nice, Rita! Fall is beautiful here in central Washington, too. I'm so glad you'll have time to enjoy autumn in your mountain home!