Tuesday, August 23, 2016

I’m Back!!!

I’m Back!!!


After a refreshing hiatus I’m ready to resume blogging with all my favorite writers and readers at Writer’s Vineyard! And I have so much to share with y’all, but first a little history. (I’m not actually southern but a definite wannabe.)

I began my professional writing journey in 2008 after years of dreaming of becoming a writer with my first book being accepted. Forever Man turned into a four book series with Champagne Books. The Forever Series was labour of love writing about the creation of a vampire clan that gave me my start in the industry. From there I began writing in other genres and produced eight books for EC for Books. Each one brought me a wealth of new knowledge and perhaps, more importantly, new friends.

I found along the way that my true interest lay in learning more about the craft of writing and about acquiring new knowledge in a variety of subjects by reading, reading, reading which brings me to the genre I am writing in today: Thrillers!

I recently finished my first thriller in a new series (No Ordinary Heroes) planned for 2017.  At the moment I am busy editing and polishing. J The journey of creating this novel (Induction is the working title) was my most satisfying, most mind stretching, and definitely most exhilarating of my writing journey!

I have personally found that changing genres is a great way to excite my imagination and stir the creative juices to overflowing. Also, it makes you need to acquire new skills that will certainly keep your writing fresh and alive.

I look forward, with pleasure, to sharing my journey with all the writers and readers at The Writers Vineyard for the foreseeable future. Happy Writing and Reading Everyone!

Best Wishes,

January Bain
Also writing as Angelina J. Windsor and Jan Bain

Blogging from a small town in Manitoba, Canada and loving it!!!

Forever Man, Forever Woman, Forever Clan, Forever Angel/Champagne Books

The Power of Tess, The Power of Sunday Rose, Seventh Son, Hellfire, Hello Forever, Forever Golden, A Christmas Shift, Never Back Down from EC for Books


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