Monday, July 25, 2016


Returning to writing after a year-long hiatus has been a challenge—especially after thinking things through about where I want to go with my writing. While on hiatus, I lost a publisher which meant three books orphaned. Champagne provided a home for my Regency Christmas story, The Twelfth Queen’s Deception, which recently received a 5-star rating from Long and Short Reviews. I still have two contemporary military stories with shared characters that I edited extensively and submitted to a publisher. Holding my breath until I hear from them.

Meanwhile, it’s time to move on and rebuild my PR/marketing program - which sells everyone’s books – and return to writing. My July activities to get my groove back included:
Webpage updated – I updated my WordPress webpage ( with a new background and graphics, removed my old data, checked and edited all my book purchase/review links, and have started getting posts ready for August. I do my own graphics with an easy-to-use program (Photo Explosion Deluxe) which has many of the features of Photoshop without the complexity. The new version WordPress now has a simpler graphic interface or you can use the older version that allows a little more versatility. The WordPress webpage is free, but having my own domain name costs less than $20/year. BTW, it pays to do your own webpage because you don’t have to rely on someone else to do your design and posts. Most of the webpage providers have extensive training programs and support at no cost.
Reviewed some of the major sites for guest posting and revised my list about what can be posted when and what the rules are.
Set up list of fellow authors who allow visits.
Reviewed all the publishers’ emails from the last year to make sure I didn’t miss anything.
Revised my tagline from “Celebrating Romance Across the Ages” to “Risqué Tales of Romance, Adventure & the Paranormal” which better reflects my writing plans for the future, but covers most of the past. Check out my new signature graphic that matches my webpage.
Next month, More Getting Back in the Groove