Monday, June 27, 2016


I’m returning to The Writers Vineyard after a L-O-N-G break. Where did I read that before? Maybe on my last post months ago? Building a life in the mountains of North Georgia has been more complicated than I anticipated. Ren-Cot (short for Renaissance Cottage), my home on the side of one of the community’s six mountains (see pic) where I moved for renewal and rebirth, absorbed my time and efforts for over a year. Then there’s volunteering with BCAR, our community animal rescue facility, and BCWC, a group that provides meals for shut-ins, rides for those residents unable to drive, and respite relief for caregivers. How could I not join the ladies’ and gardening clubs? Who could pass up the community’s artist shows and musicians’ concerts, the community dinners, or the summer solstice celebration with drums and flutes playing atop Mount Oglethorpe?

Despite jumping into my new life, I’ve missed writing. As I mentioned in my last post, I’ve been thinking about writing and the mistakes I’ve made in my career. I’ve written in several genre {a paranormal shapeshifter series (still haven’t finished editing the last book), several historicals (two stories left there), a couple of contemporary military novels, an older heroine story set in this area (never again), and a contemporary mythology series} with heat levels from sweet to erotic. When I wrote my last TWV post, I had decided I needed to focus on developing my brand within one genre (with an occasional departure for what particularly inspires). I was wrong.

When I looked at focusing my writing efforts on a single genre, I was uneasy. While it’s important to consider branding and writing career development, it’s more important to write what you love, so you can love what you write. All those characters from the books I’ve plotted but haven’t written are rattling around in my head, demanding that their stories be told. It’s difficult to look to the future given the haunting by my phantom characters. Decision made, I've committed to tying up all my loose story ends, before moving on. Once those stories are finished (and I hope published), I’ll consider the future. I believe I’ve found the renewal that I sought moving to Ren-Cot.

Have any of you faced a similar quandary? What worked for you?
Next month, Getting Your Groove Back.



Liz Fountain said...

Hooray for renewal, for garden clubs, for animal rescue, for helping others in your new community - and especially hooray to have you writing again! I couldn't agree more - we need to write what we love. I'd say it's even more important than writing what we know.
Thank you Rita!

Rita Bay said...

Thanks so much, Liz. I've missed writing, even though I've been busy. Publishing an organization's newsletter every other month doesn't hack it.

Unknown said...

Well back, Rita. Glad you're able to be writerly again...