Thursday, June 23, 2016

Getting the Groove Back

Last fall I banged up my right leg and wound up using a cane for a month. A misdiagnosis left me hobbling around the house for several more months grumbling and unable to enjoy my usually active life. I’m slowly getting better, to the point where I no longer have to concentrate on how to walk when I take my early morning constitutional. (Left foot goes here, right foot goes there.)

What has this go to do with writing, you say?

I’ve been walking before breakfast for several years. The route is pleasant and familiar and I can shut my brain off and think about other things, like plots and scenes, and how do I get a certain character out of a difficult situation.

Yesterday morning during my walk, for the first time in months my brain just automatically clicked in to writing mode and by the end of half an hour I’d come up with the opening and closing scenes for a new novel, the main characters, and enough material to sit down and do it, if writing time allowed.

I’m a pantser, which means I can normally start with nothing more than an opening scene and just go for broke. It is a relief to know the connections are still working up there and eager to fire up. Now, if I could just stop all this editing stuff, finish off by deadline the novel I’m half-way through, and enjoy the up-coming conference season, I’d have a new project to start.

Of course, I just recalled I already have two previous bright ideas ready to dive into, when I get caught up. Maybe this fall?

Guess I’d better quickly write down some quick notes on what I can remember of yesterday’s brilliant idea, and look forward to tomorrow’s morning walk, if it doesn’t rain.


The Dark Lady, Dark Days, Dark Knights (a trilogy)
The Queen’s Pawn, The Queen’s Man, The Queen’s Game due August 2016 (a trilogy)
The Housetrap Chronicles (Volumes 1 to 7)
Alex in Wanderland,
Knight’s Bridge
We're Not in Kansas