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Book Review: MUST REMEMBER by Colleen S. Myers

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“Hurry,” Tattle demands in a rush and huff of excitement. “We’re late.”

"For a very important date?”  Wrye jumps to his feet and does seven steps of a river dance and adds, "No time to waste!”

“Are we parroting Alice?”

“The rabbit.”

“Then hop-hop-hop right into our Love of Literature Leap!”

“Ah, I just knew there was a reason for the twitch in your nose. Let’s….” He swipes out an arm to let her pass first. 

Tattle mumbles, “My nose does not twitch.”

The two disappear into the inexplicable whirl-wind of prose.

Tattle and Wrye find themselves appearing in the pages of Colleen S. Myers’s  sci-fi suspense romance, of MUST REMEMBER.

“Hey, Toto, we’re not in Kansas anymore,” announces Wrye looking about.

“Are you into quoting children’s literature today? First Alice, now Dorothy, and if you are making any reference to me being a dog, well then….”

Wrye cuts her off with a male-appreciating growl. “Grrrrr, look at that hottie-foxy.”

Smacks Wrye’s shoulder, “Don’t be a dirty dog, can’t you see Elizabeth 'Beta' Camden is only nineteen and poor thing is lost and alone.”

“Hey, they grow up fast in outer space.”

“We’re where?”

“Another planet.” He points at the two suns and off-kilter colors of the landscape.

“Ut oh, Elizabeth is truly in trrrooouuble. First, she woke up late for class after a night of partying at a frat house, where she didn’t really want to be and then rushes out the door and discovers has world had become crazy land.  Not even her best friend, Sarah, who she had known since kindergarten recognizes her.  If anything, she seems lost in her own lunacy just like everyone else. Elizabeth can’t get in touch with her mother or even the authorities.” Tattle dapples at her tear wet eyes. “Fiction can be so heartless!”

“And that is what makes it soooo good to read!” Wrye urges Tattle to take a closer look. “And not long after that, Elizabeth wakes up once again, this time on a strange world, wearing an odd garment, and stumbling into non-human males, magnetic, hot, take-your-hormones-on-an-express-train-to-titillating aliens called the Fost.”

“Not such a bad place to be except, m’literay observer, she is wearing the clothes of their ancient enemy the E’mani and think Elizabeth is a spy.” Tattle shivers.

“Soon she learns she is on the planet, Solum.  At first, the Fost treat her as a prisoner, leaving her to the trusted care of an elder, Ute, who teaches her about the war between the Fost and the E’ami. The Fost is rooted in magic whereas the E’ami is highly technical.  The latter’s technology drove the Fost beyond the mountains through caves into a more barren world where their magic went dormant.”

“Ah, but with Elizabeth’s arrival, that begins to change, and she is the first to exhibit signs that the magic has awaken.  Others begin to display all different powers and levels of powers.” Tattle rushes through the book’s pages.

Wrye follows along. “Oddly, tattoos being to appear on Elizabeth, making her look more like her hosts. They now realize she is not the enemy but after a couple of murders, she believes the E’ami had followed her. Agonizing memories begin to surface, and she believes the E’ami had destroyed most of the people of her world, bringing only a few to Solum.  Those survivors are tortured and experimented upon, including Elizabeth, but unlike the others she stumbles onto a secret that could destroy them.  Only, she can’t remember what it could be.”

Tattle pauses, reading furiously. “Some of the Fost, though, begin to appreciate her abilities and nurture them, while two hunkie males overtly show their interest.  The Fost are indeed a touchie-feely species, which create hormones-on-a-rampage scenario within Elizabeth.  She soon realizes she’s attracted to both Marin and Finn.”

“As she falls in love with the people, the place and one of the men, she also recognizes they are all in serious danger from the E’mani and she is the key to giving them a chance at survival. If only she could remember!” Wrye can’t help adding, “Da da da daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!”

“Whew,” Tattle catches her breath.  “That is one hot, fast-paced read.  Collen’s writing style is smooth and compelling. The culture and conflict of the Fost and E’mani is unique in its premise, yet recognizable enough to trigger comforting familiarity.  Meanwhile, the sizzling romance is enough to satisfy any longing for a heated reading tryst.”

“At the same time,” Wrye jumps into the review, “it has enough sci-fi, suspense and mystery to keep a reader wondering what will happen next.  Every answer encouraged a new question while every solved puzzle is eclipsed by another more intricate one.  The book is intriguing and fresh. Colleen’s voice is unique.”

“I agree, and I especially like how the ending left it all open for its sequel, which I can’t wait to read!  Collen is on her way to acquiring a literary following and, we’re (speaking for both of us) are the first in line.”

We hope you all enjoyed our review of MUST REMEMBER by Colleen S. Myers. Until next month, keep reading.

Dona Penza Rutabaga Tattle, Esq. and Associate Wrye Balderdash
of Blather City, Wannachat
Created and written by:  Angelica Hart and Zi


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