Sunday, May 8, 2016

Absentee Writer

     I apologize for missing my deadline for publication on The Writers Vineyard. After a health crisis this week, I failed to meet two other deadlines as well. The health issue appears to be resolved after a trip to the hospital, consults with three doctors, and loving care by my husband.

     Things happen in the writing vineyard that can send us into a hole of depression or spark us into a flurry of furious writing. At the moment, I choose the middle road. Finish the book, Young Mothers' Voices - an Anthology on which I've been working with fellow author Michael Pyle (White Sugar-Brown Sugar). The book is a collection of poems, essays and stories by the young mothers of The Chiles Academy in Daytona Beach, Florida.

From the introduction:
This anthology is a collection of voices that belie many faulty societal representations of pregnant and parenting teens. The young mothers at The Chiles Academy are proving daily that stereotypes of teenage mothers do not define them. Discovering who they are, is for them, as it is for all of us, a work in progress

It has been an honor and a privilege to work with them these past six months or more. We solicited, and received, a grant from The Florida Writers Foundation to help print the books which will be distributed to the young women at their graduation at the end of May. They will be available for purchase after May 20.
This afternoon, with the help of Chris Holmes, graphic artist at, I hope to submit the thoroughly edited,completed manuscript for printing and distribution. 
Then, back to deadlines on the two novels I'm hoping to complete before the end of June, Talk to the Knife, a paranormal murder mystery/romance, and Midnight in Mongolia, a Blenders Novel.

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