Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Been A While

I know I've missed posting a couple blogs due to all sorts of circumstances including a computer malfunction (not nearly as exciting as a wardrobe malfunction, but it got me a sleek new MacBook Notebook), several unavoidable writing deadlines, and lots of family stuff. Now that things are smoothing themselves out, I'm able to get back on track. 

The problem is that I am now so out of touch with the goings on with TWV, I'm just going to talk for a minute. Next month, I'll catch up with the other posts and hopefully provide you with some useful information. 

I don't think I've written since attending the Houston Writer's Day Workshop in February. The seminars were handled mainly by one person who should have gotten other speakers, He just didn't have enough solid information to talk about on his own. The agents were helpful and two of them requested my latest novel, one even requested the entire novel. She wanted it immediately. The problem was that the storyline I presented to her was only finished in my mind and not on paper. A problem perhaps familiar to some of you. 

What was completed was a manuscript (one first person POV) about a 16-year-old boy mourning the death of his mother. He lives on a Texas ranch along the Rio Grande and meets up with two sisters, one badly hurt, hiding out on the ranch. The story was okay, but it stalled for a while so in February I toyed with ways to fix it and came up with developing two POVs, the boy (Quanah) and the girl (Bianca), which was as far I'd gotten when I went to the workshop. 

When I got home, I began developing Bianca's POV, starting with her in third person, but feeling dissatisfied, switched her to first person. For those of you that have done the same thing, you know how difficult the change is and the amount of work required. Finally, this afternoon, I finished my fourth revision and even though my writing critique partner has only reviewed the first four chapters, I'm going to be bold and send it the agent in the morning. Fingers crossed. 

That's all I've got time for, next month I'll do better, promise.