Thursday, March 31, 2016

When Can You Find the Time to Write?

I’ve recently spent a considerable amount of time when I was unable to find those important hours needed to write. Like the just-completed long weekend when I spent two of the four days wriggling in the back seat of a car for an eight hour stretch. Or the seemingly more frequent times sitting in a medical waiting room staring at those dog-eared magazines I would have to be tied down and water boarded to force me to read. I can only stare at the familiar scenery, or my fellow inmates, for so long.

I have a novel to finish and a deadline looming.

But I have found a partial solution.

My novels aren’t usually plotted out to the end to the nth degree. There are always several plot gaps. Several scenes not sketched out. A few twists not sorted.

So I sit back and play those scenes out, who says what, and why. Perhaps I change the direction of what I originally intended. Introduce a new character. Make a villain more, or less, villainous.

When I set fingers to keyboard, a series of dialogues will often add the unexpected. I don’t always know what a character will say, or how the other character will respond. Running these scenes through my head, back and forth, allows me to explore some of those options and leads me down paths I might have never otherwise discovered.

I almost feel sorry for those writers who have everything laid out like an AAA road map and know their route well in advance, long before they arrive there.

I’d rather be pleasantly surprised.

But between you and me, I’m eager to get back to the keyboard.

Darn these interruptions.


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