Thursday, March 3, 2016

How Do You Read a Book?

Besides spending most days head down, writing my own stuff, I also volunteer as a reviewer for an on-line magazine. I’m the genre reviewer, which means I get to read a lot of sci fi and fantasy, some from established writers, and some not quite so much. This means, until recently, I didn’t have a lot of time for “me” reading, strictly for the heck/fun of it.

I banged up my leg a few months back which slowed me down enough that I dug out my library card for the first time in several years and headed off to peruse someone else’s shelf. That’s when I took note of how I read a book now.

First, since I live in the world of frequently-being-edited, I now tend to notice things like the wrong word, a misspelled word, or any formatting problems. This doesn’t usually detract from the enjoyment of a good story, although I have been known to grumble. In glaring cases I complain out loud, “They should have hired a good editor!”

If I’m really enjoying the read I have trouble sitting down for long stretches and going through it. That would shorten the pleasure. So I’ll set the book down after a chapter or two and wander off in search of a distraction. I want to extend the read for as long as possible even though I’m dying to find out what is happening on the next page.

I do remember one book I was reviewing, however. After just about every page or two I had to set it down because I was getting a headache. You can imagine what sort of review it received. Fortunately that is the exception.

I try to stick to reading only one book at a time. Of course, I also have the morning paper (I’m old fashioned) and the regular monthly (paper!) magazines. They come in handy when taking a break from the keyboard and looking for a change of pace.

That’s the way I read a good book these days, slowly, like sipping a fine wine. How about you? Do you read non-stop through to the end, or do you like to extend the guilty pleasure when you come across one?


The Dark Lady, Dark Days, Dark Knights (a trilogy)
The Queen’s Pawn, The Queen’s Man, The Queen’s Game due out 2016 (a trilogy)
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