Friday, January 22, 2016

For Big Mike

Never Forgotten by M.W.Davis (cover)

Regular TWV readers will recognize author Michael Davis, affectionately known to his fellow authors as Big Mike, as one of the strongest voices on this blog.

Sadly, Big Mike lost his battle with cancer earlier this month. Today (January 22) would have been his day to post. 

In his honor, we ask two things of you all: 

Post in the comments any thoughts, memories, stories, etc. that capture Big Mike for you. 

And, of course - read his books.

Big Mike would love nothing so much as to know that his stories live on in our lives, just as his memory lives on in our hearts.

His web site is here.  As we would expect, it is set up so you can easily find and buy his work.

While you are there, read his biography. And remember the last line of it:

To those that make my characters come to life by reading my stories, Thank you.


Unknown said...

Thanks, Liz, for the tribute. The Vineyard wouldn't exist without Big Mike.His spirit will remain here, always.

Linda Rettstatt said...

During my time with Champagne Books and while I was a part of this blog, I got to know Mike as not only a talented author, but as a very generous and encouraging human being. I was saddened to hear of his passing and extend my condolences to his family and to the Champagne Books family for your loss.

Gabriella said...

Well done Liz. I'm still kind of in shock about Big Mike's death and am glad you've done such a nice post in his memory.

KMTolan said...

BM was the primary reason behind where I aim my promotion efforts as a writer, and where I don't bother. He did the math, and produced a wonderful entry here and within the publisher's forum concerning advertising. Well respected, a joy at any chat, I mean, folks listened to this man. Myself especially. He was all things Writer's Vineyard, helping with schedules, reminders, and generally anything that kept this blog afloat. Mentoring? You bet. I think he was one of the prime go-to guys at Champagne Books when it came to ushering a new author aboard.

And prolific? Good grief, could Mike write, and write damn well at that. I don't need a model for how to conduct myself when I enter retirement. Got one already. Thanks, Mike.

Ron said...

BM was my
mentor when I joined Champagne with my first published novel.

I ended up calling him on the phone one day and we talked for quite a while.

When we used emails he kept getting me mixed up with Rhonda.

Quite the guy. He will be missed.

Mary McCall said...

All I can say is Big Mike has been one of my champions and heroes, both with my writing and my health. I will miss the smiles he put on my face when no one else could.

Unknown said...
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Angelica Hart and Zi said...

Big Mike was such a wonderful guy, and was always here for every author with advice, help, and encouragement. Whenever there was a call out to do anything that would help an individual author or the entire group, he was the first to respond. He was the kind of man you could count on, and someone you wanted to emulate.

We are truly sadden by his loss, and believe our entire CBG family will feel that loss for some time to come.

We miss you BM.