Saturday, January 9, 2016

Another Saga of Stupid Criminals

The people I am about to share with you about are actual people, not fictional characters. These criminals are going to make you feel really pretty good about yourself and how your life is going!
There are 21 days until my manuscript Wine, Friends and Murder is due to my editor at Champagne Book Group. In honor of my first mystery comedy, I thought I'd share a round of actual stupid criminals.

A young male, running from the police, posted on Snapchat that he was hiding in his home. After the first post, the police arrived at his house as he posted a second time. Through Snapchat he unknowingly informed the police he was hiding in a cupboard. He was arrested.

Another young male bank robber posted pictures of himself with his loot and posted it on the web. He also was easily apprehended.

Three burgles broke into an establishment and confiscated a cash registrar, surveillance equipment and macaroni salad. They might have gotten away with the crime if they could have waited until they reached their destination to check out their loot and eat. Instead they left a trail of cash register parts, surveillance system parts and a trail of macaroni salad as they passed the container back and forth as they walked to their hideout.

In my coming soon, comedy mystery, the criminals are not this stupid. In Wine, Friends and Murder. A prescription drug ring, a murder and a kidnapping lead three friends to form Dames Investigating Crimes and Killers, otherwise known as D.I.C.KS.

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