Thursday, December 3, 2015

The Silence

Just put the wraps on my manuscript "Siren's Song" and sent it off shopping for a publisher. One and a half years of living with Scott Rellant, Water, Mara Martinez, and the gang. Of course this means nothing to you, dear reader, but these characters have been living inside my mind for quite some time. Chattering, fighting, complaining, and running around doing things I could only dream of doing.

They're gone.

Being between projects is a disquieting time for folks like me. Sure, I have my next work already laid out for me as I venture back into the fantasy world of Hobohemia as presented in "Tracks". Just haven't gotten started that much on it, other than catching up on some first draft work I'd previously done. 

They're gone. There is nothing but the Silence. 

I amuse myself playing Star Wars Battlefront (I suck at PvP) and various other multi-player games. I do small jobs around the house. Hell of a place to be for a writer. If you wonder at what motivates us to write, it's easy to explain.

See the gentleman above.



Veronica Helen Hart said...


I know the feeling, which is why I always have two or three works-in-progress. I always have more people waiting for me to complete their stories for them. They often wake me up at night asking why I've abandoned them in favor of other characters. Then my minds begins forming some new trouble for them to keep them out of my way for a while.