Tuesday, December 15, 2015

The Power of Deep PoV or Show versus Tell

Do you want to give your readers such a vividly real experience that they feel themselves actually in the story? Do you want them to forget their own world just like you did when you wrote the story? Live in the character’s head and heart?

The answer lies in the magic of storytelling found from achieving Deep Point of View as a writer. This is when you delve so deeply into one person’s mind that the reader’s awareness merges with the character’s.

Who wouldn’t want to be the actual heroine or hero? Readers love Deep Point of View and in fact are flocking to writers who write in this way. As a writer be aware that this will hook the reader right from the start! Your novel will quickly become addictive as they role play your character’s story.

Personally I prefer to use first person to get deep into the hero/heroine’s experiences, but third person would equally as well. The main issue here is to stay in one person’s PoV for a full scene, a full chapter or a full book. And, most importantly, in this PoV you can only show what the main character sees, hears, smells, touches, tastes, thinks and feels.

When you are deep into PoV you filter your character’s interests in this experience. This means your character’s attention goes to different things than yours. Because they are a different person from you, they will respond differently to stimuli. For example: your character enters a kitchen.

If he is a butcher, his eyes will notice the block of knives. If he is a cleaner, he will note the state of cleanliness. If an interior decorator, the flaking paint on the window edge or the out-of-date wallpaper. A chef will notice the three types of herbed vinegar and the bunch of bananas that have brown spots and need to be used today. A real estate agent will notice size and layout, the outdated qualities, the extractor fan and the smoke alarm. All of this happens because its ingrained to these characters.

Hobbies are another great way to reach deep PoV. As is figuring out which of their senses they are led by. Most people are visual, but if your character loves music than sound maybe their most developed sense. You have many senses to choose from: seeing, hearing, smelling, touching, tasting, balance, movement, temperature, pain, etc. They will all have a role to play in your stories at some point. And each character needs to react differently if they are separate and fully developed from your own point of view.

Female and Male characters tend to notice different things. Not all, but this list will help keep your characters different which is essential to storytelling. Of course there are women who love fixing motors and men who love to cook, but this is just a starting point and you will ultimately know what your story needs best. Especially when your characters begin to insist!

Men notice: Body postures, body shapes, social status, size of things, fast movements, motors and vehicles, tools and weapons.

Women notice: facial expressions, subtle changes in tone of voice, colors, clothes, interpersonal relationships, emotions, textures, flowers, children, furniture and interior decorating.

I have just scratched the surface today on entering deep PoV. Perhaps another installment next month might be in order!

Thanks for reading, January Bain (The Forever Series) AKA Angelina J. Windsor (A Christmas Shift, Seventh Son and soon to be released, The Power of Tess January 20th, 2016 from Ellora’s Cave Publishing.


A Christmas Shift

Angelina J. Windsor


Aspiring actress Lacy Kennedy arrives in Spirit Lakes, Alaska, a few days before Christmas to spend the holidays with her brother and his family. She’s expecting snow and trees and home cooking but finds instead something she could never have imagined…and doesn’t want.

Just who does tall, broad and sinfully handsome Jackson Stone think he is? Oh, him wanting to screw her is fine. She’s panting for him too. What’s a no-no is all that comes with it. Because they’re wolf shifters and—Lacy suspects—life mates, so once they bond, that’ll be it. It’ll be the marking and the binding and poor Lacy doomed to a life in the snowy north, a million miles from the bright lights of La-La Land and her dreams.

But maybe, just maybe, Christmas is a time for new dreams.

Reader Advisory: This story has graphic sexual language and scenes—no closed bedroom doors (or other rooms) here!

An adult paranormal romance from Ellora’s Cave


Excerpt: Warning contains explicit language and adult situations:


“Oh my god! What were you doing just standing there?” A man looms over me. Not just any man, but “The Man” everyone talks about when they’re fantasizing about their dream lover. I might have been more excited about this burning hunk of love if I weren’t sprawled like a cat enjoying a patch of sunshine at his extra-large feet. His prominent package appearing to match his ginormous shoe size is at the perfect vantage point and I take a full second to enjoy it before I’m hauled to my feet. What is that delectable fragrance? I breathe in deeply and feel all my senses reel in recognition. No. No. Nooooo. Goddamn it all to hell! What’s he doing in Spirit Lakes, Alaska? No fuckin’ way. I’m not going to be bound by convention. Just because there is supposed to be one mate for everyone and you know that as soon as you meet them doesn’t mean I have to follow the shitty rule and fuck up my whole life. I am an LA kind of girl. Not a life mate for a mountain man. No way.

Still December 21st

“Well, darlin’, you didn’t have to fall at my feet for me to notice the likes of you.”

“That’s two strikes, buddy. One more and you’re out,” I whisper harshly as I smooth down my dress, giving him a full-on TV glare. I don’t want anyone else to notice this dismal entrance. But I realize with dismay that’s an improbability as the crowd behind us is growing quiet. I sense their full rapt attention as my eyeballs appear to be glued to him of their own accord. I gulp nervously. He’s too tall, too handsome and too full of himself.

His mouth curves upward into a smirk and my thoughts turn to kissing those fine, full lips. I try not to breathe but his overwhelming macho-man fragrance turns me on whether I want it to or not. Think John Travolta’s character in the movie Michael. This is great. This is really, really bad.

“See anything you like, beautiful?” he asks, his eyebrows rising as he gets his first good full-on whiff of my lush fragrance. Hell, even I can smell my arousal. My nipples are tightening, my clit is pulsating and my mind has gone to mush.

“Not really,” I deadpan as I bite hard into my bottom lip to keep a more honest answer at bay. My acting ability is all that stands between me and complete disaster.

His eyes bore into mine as if trying to see into my soul and I swallow hard. This is soooo not supposed to happen. I see indecision in his eyes for a full nanosecond. I relish taking down his alpha-male confidence a notch while my girly side goes into hyperdrive. What the hell are you thinking? Jump his bones—now! You know the true test.

He holds out his hand and I reluctantly take it. An electrifying shock almost makes me drop it but I hold on long enough to give it a quick shake. Then drop it like the ticking bomb it is.