Tuesday, November 17, 2015

The Muse of Poetry

Further to my blog post last year about being a dreaded teenage poet, here is proof I still write poetry and can’t quite give it up! The poem is based on old Norse legends about Yggdrasil, the World Tree. The inspiration came from reading a wonderful book titled; The Element Encyclopedia of Fairies by Lucy Cooper, an inspiring book that demonstrates so aptly how reading other writer’s work is one of the best muses. I would also like to mention there are nine muses which is just one of those fun coincidences writers often find when branching out in their reading. My diverse reading this month alone has taken me from fairies to game wardens!
                                                                                                          The Nine Worlds of The Vale

Say come fly with me across the Northern Sea,

Mount the rainbow bridge of Asgard gods for free,

Touch the hand of a king in Avalon asleep,

Kiss Excalibur, bow your head, and follow me,

All still alive on Yggdrasil our World Tree.


The land of Alfheim of pixies and elves to pay a fee,

Find worldly giants in Jotunheim, bend a knee,

Trail through Nidavellir the world of dwarves seek,

Beware of Hel’s Goddess hidden the ground beneath,

All still alive on Yggdrasil our World Tree.


Vanaheim gods and goddesses still fear,

Stay clear of Muspellheim of fire and tear,

And Svartalfheim’s elves of dark and seer,

Midgard alone to humans guard near,

All still waiting on Yggdrasil our World Tree.


                                                                   January Bain

                                                         Forever Series of Novels

                                                         From Champagne Books