Saturday, November 14, 2015

Strange Things I'm Thankful For

I hope everyone enjoys an attitude of gratitude, but it seems at least in November, people are reminded to count their blessings. With the up coming Thanksgiving holiday we are reminded of blessings we are thankful for such as our families, pets, friends and freedom. If we have been blessed with a roof over our heads, food on the table and our health, these are necessities we may take for granted. What about being grateful for everything, including a few things we never think of. A few strange things everyone can be thankful for include:

Puss: It might be gross, but while I was in college, the nursing students wore badges for national puss day. If anyone asked them about the badge, they had to explain the benefits of oozing puss. This gross little miracle is the body's reaction to rid it's self of infection. It wasn't very appealing in the cafeteria lunch line. Of course back in those days, it was never appealing in the cafeteria lunch line.

Gravity: Makes life easier to function, but if I think about it, at my age gravity is a blessing and a curse.

Toothbrush and grooming products: I know you all know someone that doesn't take advantage of these blessings, but aren't you glad you can?

Strange things am I personally thankful for:

Discovery Id® True Crime Shows: No matter how bad my day is, compared to the people in these shows, it isn't that bad.

Coffee: Actually you should be all thankful I drink coffee or I could be featured on Discovery ID some days.

Let's hear from you, share something you're thankful for that wouldn't normally make the “I'm thankful for...” list.

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tealady said...

I am Vicki's sister Tammy and I am really thankful that Vicki has her coffee. I have only seen her once without coffee and let me tell you THAT WAS NOT MY SISTER... it really scared me and not much really scares me. So THANK-YOU FOR COFFEE.

Victoria Roder said...

You are so funny! I take after you, you're the same way!

Rhobin said...

Sounds like a sib squabble. Which is something I'm thankful for: to know the arguments and disagreements between me and my brothers and sisters actually made us friends.

Anyhow, my original purpose...I'm thankful that Neanderthals and Paleolithic people invented making symbol marks on surfaces which eventually evolved into letters.

Now I want to finish my pot of morning coffee before I do any more thinking.