Thursday, November 12, 2015

I’d Complain, But I Really Don’t Have a Leg to Stand On

            This last month started out a wee bit out of the ordinary. One of my daughters was considering a move to Nova Scotia and my brother had a house there he was selling. I didn’t think it was a good fit, but agreed to fly out with her and have a look at his place in mid October. That’s when I fell down the last few steps at his house and smashed up my leg. Came home in a wheelchair. She didn’t buy the house.

            Of course it was time to staff our book table at the local Comic Con. If you have ever worked a convention center, filled with 50,000 prowling costumed fanatics, you know it is no place to navigate with a cane. I hopped to it, sold a few books, had a few laughs, and for some strange reason, agreed to do this again next year. Supposed to be bigger and better and featuring a Captain Kirk.

            When I got home my new editor presented me with one of my manuscripts she had been wrestling with. It was a real mess. She gave me a deadline. I couldn’t go anywhere on one leg, so I chained myself to the desk between physiotherapy sessions. That’s when I discovered she had the wrong copy. She was working from a horrible one that must have been a very rough draft the earlier editor had started on in error. But the formatting was now all wrong too. I suspect she thought I was a complete dunce with my foot in my mouth! I found the correct copy, started working on comparing the two, and after a week in the dungeon, sent her what I felt was a decent manuscript of the second volume in the Queen’s Pawn series. Deadlines loom.

            Then my Beta reader, when I legged it down to our regular monthly coffee-house manuscript swap, gave me the last half of the Queen’s Pawn three, filled with her charitable remarks. I promised my editor this version will be completely finished before she ever sees it. I’m hard at work polishing the rough edges, and having trouble reading my beta’s squiggles.

            My main problem is, I still have to keep my foot in the air frequently, which makes working on the computer interesting, and time-limited at a stretch. I’d complain to my wife about my writing hardships, but she tells me I don’t have a leg to stand on. Oh well, winter is coming. I didn’t want to go outside and play anyway.


The Dark Lady Trilogy (Volume 1,2,3)
The Queen’s Pawn (Volume 1) (volume 2, The Queen’s Man, due out shortly!)
The Housetrap Chronicles (Volumes 1 to 7)
Alex in Wanderland,
Knight’s Bridge


Victoria Roder said...

I sympathize with you, that is a lot going on. I'm on a deadline for my first cozy mystery and if I complain my says, "Don't put so much pressure on yourself,it's not like you have to write."
What? Really? Have you met me?