Saturday, October 17, 2015

Trending Halloween Costume for 2015

Do you wear a costume for a night out to participate on Halloween? Or perhaps you want a costume for a more private party. I think we've all seen a few costumes that never should have made it out of the bedroom. Society tells us, at least one day a year, we can wear anything we want and it's acceptable. Come on, wouldn't it be fun to throw caution to the wind, maybe get a little wild?

Top Costumes for 2015 male and female, so far...I'll let you decide who's wearing what!
Alice in Wonderland
Star Wars
French Maid
Little Red Riding Hood
Wonder Woman
Minnie Mouse
Men's Super Hero

Top Costumes for Children...
Mario & Luigi
Star Wars
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Power Rangers

Top Costumes for our fur-babies...
Yodi, Darth Vader, or Ewok
Dinosaur or Shark

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Victoria Roder said...

Have you had a favorite costume you've worn? Or seen a unique costume? I saw a group of people dresses as a six pack of beer, I thought that was fun and clever.

Michele said...

Dress up was always the favorite game for our kids--and for me when I was a kid. So we had lots of things to play with. When it was time for Halloween, our house was where our kids' friends came to find costumes!

Mark said...

My great-nieces and nephew just premiered their costumes last week. The oldest was dressed as a librarian (she loves books and pulled off a difficult costume), and her sister was a barrel racer ('cause she already had the cowboy boots). I'm still not quite sure who five-year-old Leonard was supposed to be...but my best guess is Mahmoud Abbas of the Palestinian Authority.

Cindy said...

We have the most fun, making the costumes rather than just buying them. It is a custom handed down from generations. Although, my mom could sew and I cannot, which makes for a few uneven hems in my grandchildren's attire. Fun blog!