Friday, September 18, 2015


Z:  We need to boil this paragraph down to pistachio size.  It is too wordy.  (He points to the computer screen)
A: You have pistachios?  Where are they?  Share.  
Z:  It was just a turn-of-a-phrase.
A: Ok!  (note to self... buy nuts)  Every word is needed.  (Her chin rose defiantly) But we can change periods to comas, adjust caps and it could work.
Z:  It would be a run on sentence, a paragraph long. 
A: I like it. 
Z:  You didn't stick to the outline.
A:  Soooooo.
Z:  Duh!  You know, I'm a plotter's plotter.  I pre-plot the plot, and outline that first, but only after I pre-plot the outline.  This is not intended to be dismissive but completely honest.  Because we work together, we have wonderful sessions where we outline.  We texture locations and pre-define characters.  It is rare that on the fly do we ever vamp in a new direction.  That would be unfair considering we share the geneses and development of every project.  Oops, you just saw the engineer in me, a vision becomes reality within a certain set of guidelines.
A:  Live long and prosper Mr. Spock!  Like I haven't seen that side of you constantly.  I also see the pyloric sphincter in you.  Which means I don't have to do any of that anal stuff.  Besides, it is only a paragraph. 
Z:  You are the resident PITA and question everything and like to change.  We need to keep structure.  
 A:  However, when we are in the midst of creating and want to go in different directions, it makes interesting banter.  
Z:  Banter or cursing?
A:  Banter.  If I cursed you... I'd be a witch... and I am not.
Z:  So, cuss?
A:  I'm a cuss free zone.  (She pauses and smiles... evilly)  So, ok, I give.  I will follow the plot... plot... plot...but not before I run off down the rabbit hole out the squirrel’s niche round the borrow, and then you  grab me by the seat of my pants (metaphorically) and sets me down ... and then I will follow the  plot... plot... plot...  which can bore the bejebeebees out of me, so I jog off to thinking about Green Acres and Ham Hocks... but you'll just pull on me breeches and I will again follow the plot... plot... plot... because I like being the panster.  Pansters are needed.  Pansters unite!
Z:  You're impossible.
A:  (Eyes widened as she spots a bag of pistachios peeking out of the bookcase)  You lied! 
Z:  (Looks sheepish)  I was going to surprise you after lunch.
A:  Hand it over wise guy.  And just for that the paragraph stays!
Z:  It ain't easy being me.
A:  (Munches) Will these turn me green?

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Rebecca Draco-Savage-Giallongo said...

Cool post:) Long time no 'talk to' and glad to see you're still out there writing blogs;)