Wednesday, September 9, 2015

A peek into one particular writer's activities

Not much specific to write about this time. I considered this thought, and realized that the subject was right in front of me. Time. So, if I peeled away the lid and showed folks what I'm doing this week, it might shed some light on those behind-the-curtain things we writers may do (mileage will vary with author).  So what's going on?

1. Gotta write this blog entry. No real time to do it at home (more on that later) so I'm at work on my lunch hour pounding this out.  Eating with one hand and typing with the other (grin). Sigh, not realizing I wasn't supposed to publish this until tomorrow (sorry!)

2. Get off work, head with son out to the gym. Arrive back and now I've a couple hours at home before bedtime. What do I do? Write. It's the homestretch for my latest novel as I transform a third draft into the submission draft.  That in itself is a two-part process. First, I have to write the polished draft from the third rougher cut. Then, I have to edit said draft once my wonderful reading group gets done with it (salute to Doug and Carol out at WePublish). This means anything from correcting nits to (as was the case last week) hauling a chapter in and tweaking character attitudes. My latest chapter is going much better, happy to say, but being an action chapter, it tends to play well with my peeps.

3. Prep for the upcoming convention in San Antonio. Yep, that time again, and we've a wonderful display piece to complement the Dancer series. Will be interesting to see how the sculpture of my main character is received - and if it does the job of selling a few more books. Will do a final inventory of all the gear and already have arranged a place to stay.

4. Labor Day weekend just passed, and with it a LOT of writing as I continue the third draft / fourth draft spin-rinse.  Most of my writing happens on the weekends, with half of each day reserved for just me in my study.

5. Sold last copy of "Tracks" I'd consigned to the local coffee shop - to one of the staff, no less. 

6. Visit all my social media spots daily where I maintain a presence. Add helpful commentary where needed. 

7. Wow! Stumbled on just what I was looking for in a new display piece (for conventions) that will represent my next novel when it comes out. It's a crystal atop changing LED lights - exactly what I envisioned. I was visiting a touristy cave near here and this thing was in the gift shop.

That's this week.