Sunday, August 9, 2015

Writer, Author, Marketer

Writing seminars and readings over the last few weeks sparked my thinking about the differences between our identities:




I'm preparing to give a workshop on this topic in October at the Rivers of Ink writing conference, and worked up a little graphic.

Seeing the characteristics of each facet laid out like this helps me sort out the challenges - and opportunities - inherent in moving from one part of our professional life to another.

When I'm writing, I love the inconsistency of it all. When I'm authoring, consistency comes forward. And when I'm reaching out to an audience, it's important to be predictable.

Do you move from one persona to another? Is your transition easy or difficult? I'd love to know what you think.

Elizabeth Fountain is the author of An Alien's Guide to World Domination and You, Jane. She blogs at Point No Point and you can find her author bio, books, and appearances there, too.


Big Mike said...

Nice articles.

Liz Fountain said...

Thanks, Big Mike!

Chris Jarmick said...

Excellent graph! Pretty much agree with the labels too.... though when my writer hat is fully on... I'm a little bit more anti-label.... However... I'm in the marketing phase with my new book coming out (Not Aloud from MoonPath Press September 2015). And boy... doing a stumbling quick learn about social media is wild. Recent surveys still insist Facebook is by far number one with people learning about books and authors.... though who knows how much of it translates into actual book sales. . . GoodReads logically seems more effective since the majority of folks there are very interested in books to begin I do have a free Book Giveaway there and spruced up the bio page. Then there's twitter and Pinterest.... and blogs and trying to get booked on radio and podcast programs and get mentions in the newspapers. Book Reviews for poetry books are a low priority.... but I'll take good mini customer reviews and comments of course.

All Things Not Aloud blog here:
FAcebook book page for Not Aloud here:

The Book GiveAway HTML doesn't work but those interested might be able to find it from my profile there....

Liz Fountain said...

Chris, congrats on the book! You're right about social media, and I think it's trial and error for most of us. What works for one author might not hit the spot for another. Trust that your book and voice are terrific, and that there are readers who want to connect with it. Best of luck to ya!