Friday, August 14, 2015

Why fantasy?

       I never actively sought to be a fantasy writer. I’ve never actively chosen any genre, really. I find that stories and characters find me. They come to me in dreams or silent moments and beg for their tales to be told.

            That being said, I find writing fantasy books simply awesome. Not only do I get to create rich characters, but I get to put them in unpredictable settings and discover how they’d react to what they encounter. When I write, I don’t just get to describe places that already exist, or are similar to those that are real. Instead I get to explore how creative my mind can be, by developing settings that balance on the edge of what’s possible. I get to make up every part of the stories I tell: creatures, cultures, devices, and languages, making my way through a delightful challenge.

Beyond that, I get to explore issues and themes in a new way. Like J.R.R Tolkien highlighted loss of innocence, sacrifice, and the strength of friendship, and J.K. Rowling tackled courage and racism, I can show people that everyone has a purpose, that villainy can be overcome, and that creativity is a valuable entity that should be honored and cherished.

Besides, writing fantasy stories is as close as I’ll ever get to actually being a fairy princessJ