Saturday, August 15, 2015

Reality Stumbling Blocks

Writer's Block is real. It's wine, a malbec from Argentina. Not too sweet, a beautiful shade of the deepest ruby, and more enjoyable because it was shared with a good friend I had not seen in decades. I kept the cork to remind myself not only of a wonderful evening but that some creations need to be bottled to ferment and mature. Because once uncorked, it's far more fabulous.

Reality creates stumbling blocks for us all, whether in the form of a crazy day job schedule or family crises. Personally, I've been down Alice's rabbit hole for some time now, making my way back up one gnarled tree root at a time. I may not be composing the fictional stories I desperately need to get out of my brain but I write every day: patient notes for attorneys and/or insurance companies (my favorite thing to write...not), marketing notes on social media, organizational newsletters for a local book festival my group holds. I'm writing, just not what I intended. Still, inside my jumbled mind is the ticking "someday soon I'll get to you" that I whisper to my characters. It may be a night I can't sleep, or an unexpected free afternoon. Sometimes I can hardly wait to pull that cork.

Happy Writing,