Friday, August 7, 2015


Michael W. Davis

I know my fellow female author budettes that write romance and “oh boy” stories will turn that word in a direction I did not intent. Yes you will. Remember, I’ve been to cyber parties with ya. I know how raunchy you ladies get after a glass of wine. No, not the guys, we’re not allowed to think that way in modern metro society. What do I really mean by “quickie”? The following provides a list of about a dozen things that will speed up you “web” and “laptop” life. Actually kind of cool. I knew about half of ‘em. Maybe they’ll be a few new ones for ya.

  1. Skip a page – Hit the space bar in a browser page and it will advance you one entire page on the screen.

  1. Text enlargement – Hit a Crtl –  or Crtl + and it will progressively shrink or enlarge the text/image in you browser screen.

  1. State entry – Know what a pain it is when you’re entering your address or location and have to click the right arrow to open and scroll down the “State” cell? Simply entered the first and second letter and it’ll find it for ya.

  1. Word highlight– If you place the cursor before a word in a browser or office product, double click and it will highlight the entire word, triple click and it does the paragraph, etc.

  1. No delete – If you highlight a word you want to delete, just type the replacement word, no need to hit delete key.

  1. Word definition – In Google type “Define word” without quotes where “word” is what you want to define and it will act as a dictionary, plus provide synonyms

  1. Unit conversion – Type “feet in 2 miles” in Google window and it will convert units for ya. Neat, huh?

  1. Expedite your URL – You don’t need to type inhttp://www” ahead of your address, it’ll still work without it. Also, in Firefox you don’t need to type “.com”

  1. More precise searches – Place quotes around combined words in a search {like with Google) and it will return more focused search results. For example if you type in “Red apple” with the quote marks it will ignore pages with just the word apple or red and only return those with both.

  1. More precise searches – If you want to exclude selected words from being searched, just put a minus sign before the word. For example, free books -romance  will exclude results where the site uses the word romance.

  1. Print Screen – Ever need to explain something on your screen to someone. Well, by using the PRNTSCR function you can do exactly that. I don’t use it often but when I do it really helps explain things. If you don’t know where that option is on your system just do a search on print screen XX where XX is your system. Here’s a link that will explain how to copy an image off your computer screen for windows and save to a file, for sending to someone.

Hope some of those were helpful for you.