Saturday, August 22, 2015

Lyrics I Wish I Had Written

My husband and I sometimes spend date night in retro mode. Recently we purchased a record player to listen to our old albums. On disco night I wore wide leg jeans, a longer flowing shirt and blue eyeshadow. I enjoy trying to dissect the lyrics and I've accepted some songs make no sense at all, but if the music or voice draws me in, I sing along anyway.
There are a few songs I wish I had written, not because of the money or fame they may have brought but because of a classic line, perhaps I found witty or profound. Let's see if any of your favorites made my list. Due to copyright laws I am not listing the exact line from the songs. Titles are not subject to copyright.

(Dexys Midnight Runners) Come on Eileen (1982)
One line in this song sums up a teenage boy's mentality of love. Not to mention you can't help but sing along the chorus.

(Johnny Cash) One Piece At A Time (1976)
We have an old cj7 Jeep we love to take our dogs for rides in, on the gravel roads where we live. Our jeep complete with bulldogs on the side, kind of looks like we stole a bunch of parts and put it together ourselves.

(John Newton) Amazing Grace (1779)
The lyrics of this song are timeless and sum up our human condition.

And the moral of the story is:
(Tim McGraw) Diamond Rings and Old Barstools (2015)
This song could have saved a lot of marriages.

(Etta James) At Last (1960)
Etta vocals are awesome and it's the story of finding true love, can't beat that!

(Barenaked Ladies) One Week (1998)
I don't believe anyone, anywhere, has ever combined the words they use in this song in the same order, ever.

I could list hundreds of other song but I would like to give you a chance to list a song or two that inspires you, moves you, or you simply love to belt it out in the car and wish you'd written. Please stop in at my website, My books are as varied as my music tastes. Action thrillers, ghost stories, middle grade mysteries, picture books, devotional, puzzle books, and coming soon my first coloring book!


Susan Bernhardt said...

Victoria, it sounds like you and your husband have fun nights at home listening to records, such as your "disco night."

We also have a record player and lots of vinyl from when we were young. It's nostalgic and the sound is so good.

I'm sure you write lots of good "lyric" in your novels.

Best wishes,

Victoria Roder said...

Thanks, Susan. I guess we enjoy doing simple things like listening to music in the garage or by the fire, jeep rides, camping, hiking, shooting bow and snowshoes in the winter. Could that be a song???

Susan Royal said...

A mutual love of music is one of the things that binds our family together. We're always sharing something new or rediscovered with one another. Some of my favorite lyrics are Cats In the Cradle by Harry Chapin, Just Breathe by Eddie Vedder and Imagine by John Lennon.

Victoria Roder said...

Have to agree with your choices, Susan R.!

Colleen Myers said...

I am all about every EDM. Right now. Would love to have written/mixed a few of them. An old classic is Keep away by Godsmack. Especially when in the mood for solitude.

Victoria Roder said...

Music can stir emotions, memories...

Mark said...

I always liked "When My Left Eye Jumps" (Buddy Guy), "All My Ex's Live in Texas" (George Strait), and "Green Onions" (Booker T and the MGs). What the first two lack in profundity, they make up for in catchy. The third is an instrumental piece, so it's as profound as your imagination can make it.