Saturday, August 29, 2015

Calling All Authors: Can You Relate?

So, scenes, and feelings, and using the five senses...

I wrote a scene a couple years back about a skydiving event, then...this spring I went skydiving, and then I rewrote the scene. I actually felt the sensations all over again, and I think the scene is soooooooooooo much better now.

I once listened to an author give a presentation that said she would rather sit in her house all day long and never leave the comfort of her home, and just write, but what about living? And doing, maybe as much of the things in your books as you can....well, not the bad stuff, but you know what I mean.

How much fun is it to live vicariously through others? How about let them live vicariously through you?

I travel: alot:)

I have put 87,000 miles on my car in two years, and I've been to Europe five times in two years, and it didn't cost me all that much. I'm a single teacher, so if it cost much, I couldn't do it. I usually pay for gas, and sometimes plane tickets, and I have friends I stay with them. Make friends. Impose on them. Have fun.

And write about them, and people watch.

YOLO, you only live once, is an annoying saying, but it is true. And that trip through life seems shorter with each passing year.

Enjoy the journey. You might not reach the destination is even more profound.
Don't work 40 years in a job you hate. You'll regret it. And working for a retirement check makes no sense. You could get hit by a truck tomorrow.

And never let anything hold you down. Rise above it!
And exercise. Get off your writer's chair and workout, then your brain will work better when you sit back down to write.

Read the books:
Younger Next Year for Women
Thinner Next Year
They'll make all kinds of sense someday;)

And hang out with teenagers. They'll keep you young and wear you out:)
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Jude Johnson said...

Jealous. I would love to travel more. Excellent point about incorporating your sensual experiences to make scenes more real. I love writing about places for others who may never get there. One of the reasons my first books involved the Sonoran Desert (where I live) as a secondary character was for my friends in Australia and Europe to get s taste of it.
Indeed, the best writers are those who involve their readers viscerally. Some people may be able to write from just imagination, but I like to "go there" to be able to describe smells, sights, textures I can't feel from Wikipedia. ;)

I went skydiving once. After getting out of the plane, it was amazing. Just that first step, though...