Wednesday, August 26, 2015


  Anticipatrepidation---n. The act of looking forward to something, yet dreading it at the same time.

In the midst of craziness, I’ve coined (or at least co-opted) a new word for the writer’s lexicon. Because now that my debut novel TRAITOR KNIGHT is really A Book and available for pre-order (release date 9/7/15), I’m both eagerly anticipating its release, and frantically nervous about the result. It’s kind of like when I got married)—that rush of excitement, wonder, and love combined with the sense of "Oh my God, what am I getting my self into?” (Spoiler Alert—my darlin’ wife and I are still together and in love after almost 36 years.)

Of course it’s only natural that after seven years of writing, re-writing, revising, editing, taking an axe to it, tweaking, and fixing, I’d be excitedly anticipatory about the actual release of the book. My baby will finally be born. This is a day I’ve looked forward to for an awful long time. I can’t wait to share my story with the world. It’s a fun, funny, rollicking tale of adventure, intrigue, magic and romance in the tradition of “The Princess Bride”. What’s not to love?

And yet there’s that trepidation—the nervous feeling that creeps in when I worry about negative reviews, about how I’m going to market it, about readers just not getting the enjoyment out of the story that I think is there. When I worry that people are going to think my baby is ugly.

I’m sure every author—especially every debut author—goes through this whenever they release a book. So I’m trying to allow the anticipation to keep me soaring while I use the trep@kidation to keep me grounded. It’s a balancing act, and hopefully I’ll be able to successfully navigate this release and look back on it like my marriage, and say “Yeah, that was a good move. Made the right choice there.”

Wish me luck!

Keith W. Willis