Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Writing When the Living is Easy and the Water Beckons

Ah, the glory days of summer, how I love them. Although, to tell you the truth (a phrase I've always hated, sounds as if everything I've said before has been a lie), summer is pretty brutal along the Texas Gulf Coast and our glory days start the end of September and mosey on into winter. I guess we equate summer with limitless freedom because schools are out and families can take vacations. I get that, after all I didn't sign up to teach summer classes and I am free as any school kid. Well, sort of.

I'm free to set my schedule as I want, however, I'm on a mission and that mission is to write something that will appeal to an agent. So, free as I might be from the bonds of a job, I still am bound to my laptop. Unfortunately, even in the shade, the glare is too bright and my computer burns hot, so I'm stuck inside for hours at a time. None of my friends understand so they shake their heads in consternation and mosey along to their summer pursuit while I pound away on my Mac. 

After this long diatribe, I at last come to the point of today's post(Is that a sigh of relief I hear? Don't blame you, I wondered where I was going with this ramble too). My point is to celebrate those of us disciplining ourselves to sit at our computers and write while our friends and family go out and have fun. It's hard to keep to a writing schedule when we'd all rather be hanging out at the pool or the beach, I get that. But if like me, you are in pursuit of a writing goal be it finishing that first draft, or revising, or, finding an agent, we must persevere. What we're doing is, at times, a royal pain in the butt, still the possibilities of what we want to accomplish make the flabby bottoms and wan complexions worth it. Of course, summer days are long, so I hope you spend some time enjoying the outdoors. I do.

Remember this as you work away, we writers of fiction have the same dream and that is to produce books others will read and enjoy, so view this post as your atta-boy, now quit reading and get back writing.