Friday, July 10, 2015

What is eternity?

Michael W. Davis

I once wrote a story where, in one scene, the hero explains, "I'm not searching for the momentary pleasures of the flesh, rather the eternal bond to anothers spirit." He point's to an older couple in the corner, a woman feeding a man with her fries and burger as he struggles for the last embers of his life to fade away. The hero continues, "Like those two."

 That scene was based on real life, a dinner I had with my then young son when I explained, "Want to know what love really is, Son." Then I too pointed to that same couple, only they weren't fictional, rather real. Like then, even now revisiting the love between that old couple chokes me up, every time. Since I first became aware of the unique emotions between hardcore lovers, I’ve been enamored with the idea of forever in truly soul merged relationships. I don’t mean the short timed bump and tickled hookups of today. The willingness of many to accept anything to flush out the loneliness. No, I refer to those rare couplings where, once humans touch as only a man and woman can, there is no separation between the spirits, no possibility of going along individual paths. Two become one, unbroken, march on the same journey, the same course, for the rest of their life.

I try not to beat the concept endlessly in my writing, but it does rear its head time to time. Of the twenty releases I have out there, BEYOND FOREVER, NEVER FORGOTTEN, FINAL SOLUTION, and SHADOW OF GUILT exhibit at their core an examination of the wonder, the confusion, the highs and lows of that unique linkage given to true lovers by the big guy upstairs. Yes, I do believe in more than this world, that the power of love transitions the physical and migrates into the next realm, that forever means forever. I know, sounds funky in today’s quickie society, but it’s what I believe, what I sense as my reality, and I will remain true to that sentiment into my last breath, as corny as it may sound. Fortunately, I share such a relationship with my mate.


Julie Eberhart Painter said...

And that is true love, Mike!

Veronica Helen Hart said...

You are truly blessed by having such a life partner. After 35 years, I can say the same about mine. All the ups and downs, rough times, good times, we accept, enjoy and care for one another.