Thursday, July 23, 2015

Some Days I Feel Like a Juggler

            There are days when I think I should have taken up juggling, I’ve had enough practice. My writing days are torn between creating new works, editing completed manuscripts, and trying to keep track of supposedly brilliant ideas that keep percolating up into my tired brain. After that there is all the promotion and marketing I’m still trying to figure out and work into my schedule.

            Then there are the family obligations. This summer I’ve been faced with the sudden funeral of a sister-in-law, offset slightly by having a daughter and granddaughter getting married. My wife is busy enough with her own life, some weeks we forget to book a date to spend time together. I launched the sailboat in mid-July this year instead of mid-May and we’ve shortened our annual week-long voyage up the lake to spending a few days overnighting and day-sailing.

            There is the back garden at home which has decided to convert itself into a full-blown jungle. I try to spend an early hour in the morning beating it back. Sit out and actually enjoy the place? Two brief times so far this year during a busy summer.

Don’t even think about the animals. The cat has converted his daily routine to getting up well before dawn and the goldfish are acting up. How did we get into goldfish? My wife thought a pond would be nice. I insisted we had to add fish to avoid raising mosquitos. Now we have somehow started breeding fish; large ones outside, babies and teenagers in two tanks inside.

Back to my writing: I have the third book in the Queen’s Pawn series that I suspect I promised I’d finish shortly, with only another 60,000 words to go. Then there is the eighth in the Housetrap Chronicles series that I started last winter while acting as a driver to my wife’s curling games. I know there are two completed manuscripts that will be arriving shortly from my harried editor for another round of pain and recrimination this next month. I’m off to a large writer’s conference in early August; at least this year I only volunteered to be on three or four panels instead of the seven I burdened myself with last year. The good news is I don’t have to worry about Comic Con until October.

Oh good grief…

Isn’t most of this fun though, I haven’t been bored in years.


The Dark Lady Trilogy (Volume 1,2,3)
The Queen’s Pawn (Volume 1)
The Housetrap Chronicles (Volume 1 to 7)
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