Thursday, July 9, 2015

A New Hope

A friend I made at my dance studio, Rae, is a few years younger than me. She's finishing up her final year of a nursing program and I have survived ten years of teaching. As such, I expected their to be differences in our experiences. There are books and movies I grew up on, which she did not. For the most part, I can live with this.

With one exception.

When I discovered she'd never seen Star Wars, my tongue nearly flew out of my mouth. Never seen Star Wars? How is that possible?

Needless to say, I sought to rectify the situation immediately. Finding the DVD of Star Wars: A New Hope, I began my friend's cinematic education. What a thrill it was for both of us! She asked about the little creatures that appeared (Jawas) and got excited when a Big Bang Theory episode helped her identify a character (C-3PO).  And at the end, when Luke was trying to destroy the Death Star, she yelped and squealed and cheered. I watched her more than the screen.

Say what you will about the prequels. The original trilogy was great. It elicited strong emotions. Good versus evil. Heroes and heroines. It created mythology and has stood the test of time. Iconic characters and fearsome villains. And above all else, it was darn creative and entertaining as heck.

It was never a book. But Star Wars is a darn good tale. No more or less valuable than the Harry Potter series or an anecdote that makes your spouse spurt pop from his nose.  Plus... It has R2D2. Bleep bi boop ba bip. :)