Monday, June 15, 2015

The Entertainers

A writer I know is between creative bursts. Her big question is what do I write next? For those of us who are published and not as concerned with “who will ever publish me,” her quandary can be a cause for writers’ block. We writers are professionals, a source of endless entertainment. Right?

Hah! Wait a minute; that’s a lot of pressure. Are we not real? Do we not bleed? Where is our down time? Are we always on duty?

Even medical professionals are off duty two to three days per week, darnnit. But we write on Sundays and after hours weekdays. When the creative juices are stymied, where do our ideas come from?

From experience. Every one of our stories comes from our life experienced or lives observed and salted with extremes for the “viewing” public. Writers are eavesdroppers and voyeurs. Writing, being opinionated without author intrusion, is what we do within our brands.

Fantasy/sci-fi, nonfiction, mystery, and romance are expressions of our creative use of said experiences. That’s what we draw on when the well looks dry.

Life provides us with wild and wonderful opportunities. All we need to do is pay attention, take notes, and write what we know.

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