Saturday, June 27, 2015

My Sisters Are Nothing But Trouble!

My parents are celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary and, as we were sitting around listening to memories, someone mentioned my dad and his brothers tipping over an outhouse. My dad laughed harder then I've ever seen him do in years. I'm thinking to myself, dad? Mr. Straight-laced, Mr. By-the book, Mr. There-is-no-room-for-breaking-the-rules. My dad was fair and kind, but he was very strict. So, tipping over little houses placed over sh..holes? Kind of out of character.

Some people might say it's a curse, but I prefer to look at it as a blessing, I have five sisters. Throw in my two sister-in-laws, that might as well be my sisters, and this sentence sounds like the beginning of a group therapy introduction. As adults, we're still having fun with Packer/Viking rivalry, being a little tipsy signing I'm a little teapot, camping, canoeing and shooting bow, but hearing about my dad and his brothers had me reflecting on some of the silly adventures I’ve had with my sisters back in the day.

Starting rather young, a few of us would climb out of a two story window and descending to the ground via bedsheets. A couple of us went toilet-papering after a funeral, this included decorating the deceased's home. Trust me, it's not as bad as it sounds. There's always an explanation behind the story.

We borrowed, without permission, my dad's truck for a midnight burger run. We jerked to a halt at a stop sign, a loud thud sounded and the truck lurched forward. We were sure Dad would kill us. Thank goodness it was only my sister's jerky driving skills that forced the riding lawnmower, we didn't realize was in the back of the truck, to slam forward. Dad never noticed any damage!

Perfect for National Sisters Day
When I was eighteen and away at college, my dad had a fit that I was going to a rock concert. Imagine my surprise when out of the masses of people attending, I ran into one of my sisters. Can't believe we found each other! Visiting one of my sisters at college I was awed at her keen ability to find an ID for me to use so I could get into the bars. Another sister and I worked together at a wedding hall. Unbelievable how late a person has to work serving a wedding meal. Okay, you caught me, it was a cover to stay out late and go to parties. Good thing dad never compared our checks to the hours we were working.

I'm wondering if my kids will be shocked, or if they will believe I'm capable of raising a little hell. I won't even get into the hot tub and Scottish rugby team story. Who am I trying to kid? I'm pretty sure my kid's will believe the stories are true. I took my son and his friends toilet-papering for one of his birthday parties. Hey, someone had to drive the ton of toilet paper around for the kids to decorate with.

August 3rd is National Sister Day. Do something fun with your sisters or sister-in-laws. In my action thriller Bolt Action, Detective Leslie Bolt and her sister Tasha could not be more opposite or more at odds with each other. With “The State Quarter Killer” selecting victims, Detective Bolt's sister goes missing and the race begins to capture the serial killer before Tasha is the next victim.

Victoria Roder


Mark said...

You and your sisters sound worse than my brothers and me. They were both here last weekend, for a mini-reunion. Apparently, we're not quite the hell-raisers we once were, though. My older brother refused rum cake for dessert, because he told the students in his high school Navy ROTC class to follow his example and never imbibe. My younger brother, who was wrestling n'er-do-wells in his capacity as a police officer just one year ago, now described trying to stay awake in his new job as a US Marshal in the federal court system.

'Bout the best I can say is no one hoisted a glass of Metamucil in salute.

Michele said...

With just one sister who is seven years younger, we never got into trouble. And when with my friends or cousins, I was the little adult who always encouraged caution. Sigh.

Victoria Roder said...

I have a brother also, but not enough room on a blog to talk about it!

Mark said...

Yeah, brothers take up an inordinate amount of storytelling space...and space in general.