Friday, June 26, 2015


          Have you ever considered that technology has changed our outlook as well as our relationships.  I have a friend who's grandson's name is David, but he shortened it to DVD.  Plus, the other day, while out with a couple of gal pals, one was complaining that her husband wasn't paying enough attention to her, the other recommended a new perfume, thinking pheromones.  The former woman considered it a bit, then went up to the perfume counter and asked if they had anything that smelled like a computer.  

Being a writer, I sometimes feel as if I live on the computer, and when I'm away from home, my mini-computer comes with me.  I spend more time with it than any member of my family.  So I'm thinking this is not good.  It is time to take a stand, to be set free of tea brewing in my Bunn Tea Brewer, a pot and stove works nicely, no cells, if I'm not at home or the office, they can call back, radio rather than Nano, pocket calendars rule, and fax machines never work anyway. 

Angelica folding arms, staring at the heavens as if this profound announcement will change her destiny.  "It is time to restrain the techno-monsters.  I'm not that tech savvy anyway."

Zi gives the hairy eyeball look, brow down almost to his cheek.  "You know just enough to be dangerous when it comes to technology."

"Be nice."

"It's a compliment.  It's not like I'm letting everyone know about the time in the computer store when you asked the sales clerk for a mouse pad, looked it over and said,  will it be compatible with my computer?"

"You lie!"

"Did.  Been wanting to tell that joke.

"At least I wasn't the one to call tech support and when asked if I was running the system under Windows say, 'No, my desk is next to the door.  The one under the window is working just fine.'"

"I didn't say that."

Grins.  "Been wanting to tell that joke."

A dual eye roll ensued with Angelica giving up first.  "Seriously, what do think?  Should I give up some of my technology?  Is it overwhelming my reality?" 

"Let me ask you this, could you do this blog without a computer?"

"Of course not."

"Ta da!  Your answer.  The tech world is where we live.  It makes writing easier.  Correspondence easier.  Our books are initially e-books.   It is the Google Dance of our life.  Yes, we need to make time for life outside it, but..."  He looks at Angelica gravely.  "... consider life without spell check."

Angelica shudders, takes a long breath.  "I had one of those rare moments of crazy."


"Oh, go blog something."


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January Bain said...

Yes, it is what it is. We are victims of the age we are born into. I for one am glad its this age! Hugs, January