Saturday, May 23, 2015

Why Authors Walk...Sometimes

I read a wonderful blog post by UK author Harry Bingham the other day. I'd like to share salient points. Read the original post here: 
[And check out his photo: I've been there. He's sitting betwixt merlons at Caerphilly Castle.]

Harry has been published for fifteen years and has seen the convolutions of the publishing industry firsthand. He calls them the "Four Eras of Publishing"--from traditional big boys paying advances and promoting well to the current state of indy publishing.
"As you can imagine, I was pretty pleased. An author’s turbulent life looked, for once, to be pretty calm. With hindsight, I was like the pretty teenager in the weird, creaky house who decided, “Nope, there’s nothing to worry about here.” The quiet bit before the horror starts. Because the two books I did with Random sold well as ebooks, they pretty much failed in print."
He has a good recommendation about promoting through ebooks initially, then moving to affordable paperback, then (if sales are good) a hardback edition. Which, of course, his traditional big publisher would not do.

The main thing is that authors now have reasonable options. Independently publishing has become far more affordable than it was when I started, and smaller publishers can be ideal. But for some, a return to the Big Five can also work well--and the chance to make that choice is what is exciting about the writing game these days.

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January Bain said...

That is good news, Jude! Authors need more options to make it in the difficult and diffident world of publishing!